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Overall wind screen filter system-CPL

CONPHIL air curtain activated carbon filtration system combines aluminum adsorption and chemical impregnated activated carbon oxidation, thereby providing a continuous purification of the environment odor, corrosive, toxic pollutants capacity.

V accommodate more processing modules speed, and to provide sufficient residence time for the corrosive gastoensure that chemicals can fully absorb the gas molecules media.
Because of its good structure can provide
 minimum drag for the system, reducing the resulting fan power consumption.
For two positive and circulatory system, CONPHIL deve
loped to adapt to their respective places of low resistancemodule

1, the overall installation 2, sturdy structure
3, good sealing 4, modular design
5, 6 technical tests, easy to maintain
7, specification design flexibility

1,Semiconductor plant
2,Large precision machine room

3,Electronics factory
5,Metro control room
6,Aircraft Control Center