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Modular new air filter unit-CPD

1  instrument can achieve the American Association ISA71.04--G1 standard
2  Computing meet national air quality standard room
3  gas purification efficiency can reach PPb (billionths of a)
4  optimized design components, according to customer requirements, with a selection of optional software, the most economical combination of features optimized air leakage rate of the European unit A-    level standards
5  unit coefficient of European anti-cold-bridge Class TB3
6  for all types of air conditioning units and the end, the degree of control systems provide a variety of programs
7  via the communication signal line, the air conditioning unit collecting valve, the throttle opening degree signal from the built-logic, control valves, throttle opening degree, fan monitor, filter status,
8  Air conditioning occasions  special thin compact design for building layers of high and low
9  also be ceiling mounted, do not take up space efficient, easy to install

10 cabinet rust corrosion, beautiful and durable
11 quiet operation, shock
12 choose a variety of structural materials, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum structure