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Duct chemical air filter-CPQ

1 superior ability to adapt to the environment, in the outdoor 5 ℃ ~ 48 ℃ normal refrigeration, outdoor -10 ℃ ~ 27 ℃ can be normal when heating.
2 unit building standard RS485 communication interface, and free open standard ModBus protocol, convenient and direct access to three building systems; another standard control with LCD display controller easy to operate, andcan be equipped with a wired remote control card 4 remote control, on-site management more convenient.Centralized controller unit also optional centralized control, intelligent control, 5 flexible control.
3 indoor unit using high hydrostatic design can achieve long-distance air transport, installation location and select a more flexible; room, inside and outside the machine 7 can achieve long pipe connected to pipe up to a maximum50m, the highest drop of up to 25m.
4 units by ISO-9001 industrial production permit review.

mainly deal with H2S, SO2, NOx, formaldehyde, ethylene, and low molecular weight hydrocarbons and other toxic gases.

to completely cut off the largest source of corrosive gases, while providing positive pressure to the downstream,to ensure that the indoor air is continuously diluted corrosive gases, reducing the negative gap windows leaked.