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Electronic pollution monitors-Dpps

    DPPS is a corrosion control system design and fixed atmospheric environment. It can quickly findupcomingDeterioration caused by environmental damage expensive equipment. Early detection, can be corrosivesensitive computers, test equipmentSystems or other electrical equipment to do serious damage to appear before the pre-guard. Particularly using DPPSBenefits and environmental monitoring in the control room of precision room, refineries, chemical plants, semiconductor industry, electronic and paper pulp, paper industry.

    Two copper measurements on the system and the replacement of the sensor against the corrosion of silver flakes . ( Distinguished by the corrosion strict standards established by the American Standards Association instrument by the GX -S71.04-1985 to G1 level area Do ) . This standard is a normal surroundings , the time to 30 days with a thin layer of copper produced in the corrosion rate .
Chloride-containing metal oxide layer that is more rapid than the lack of electronic equipment chloride the metal oxide layerBarrier. For this reason , the Instrument Society of America standard revision . Currently has proposed two distinctEnvironmental classification. Because the products of corrosion in chloride environment is more severe , so that the corrosion rate for each of the standard range of stringent criteria have been consistent with the range of environmental and geochemical association of corrosion rate . DPPSAllows the operator to manually select each classification environment.
    Color -coded lights easy quick tests showed that the standard level . Respond quickly to help the environment alertCaused by equipment failure . Two parameters that affect the rate of corrosion , temperature and humidity are displayed on the front panel.In addition , free access to each installation and system sensors via a remote two 4-20 mA outputs