American PHIL-CONNORS company focused environment with optimized precision processing , the company is headquartered in California, employees worldwide 20,717.0 people, has many experienced researchers .

   With the new materials are widely used, the degree of precision electronic components , circuit boards, chips and other core components of the increasingly high air quality and extremely strict environmental requirements . Development of modern industry , not only for human survival air dust particles , it also contains a lot of corrosive chemical gases, such as sulfur compounds , hydrides, chlorides , etc., these lethal chemicals for sophisticated IT equipment , chips, circuit boards obvious " creeping loss" damage. Optimization process is not only simple and sophisticated environment particulate air purification , as well as corrosive chemicals in the air and filtration of gases .

   USA PHILL-CONNORS company formerly CONPHIL chemical laboratory , established in 1945 , the use of advanced chemical instruments and equipment , some of the world -famous chemistry scientists have worked on this , they developed the world's first chemical filter, via constant innovation and development, has developed dozens of chemical filter.

American PHIL-CONNORS sophisticated optimization company has extensive experience in environmental , physical particles of dust in the air with a beginning , in effect and efficient three- purification , but also on the air in corrosive chemicals and gases were treated , released a neutral , clean air , greatly improved the quality of the environment .