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CONPHIL constant innovation and technological innovation to create a more clean environment

Created on:2018-01-11 16:50

   CONPHIL headquartered in California, has five factories worldwide, more than 20,000 employees. In the Americas, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East has more than 60 offices and service centers.Annually manufacture, transport tens of thousands of AEC and related products to the world. CONPHIL as the world's first brand, accounting for nearly 40 percent of the U.S. market share.

   CONPHIL products throughout the world all important places, such as: airports, banks data center, subwayCONPHIL products with superior performance, the praise of users.

   Companies adhering to the concept of innovation, commitment to the perfect combination of technology andapplications, since the 1940s developed the first batch of chemical media, CONPHIL even hit a few in the world: the first one developed sulfide media, first developed oxide filter, the first set of microprocessor control system, firstdeveloped a variety of mixed media, and the first one can be adsorbed and the media, the first modular hybridfiltration system, The first overall wind screen filter, the first intelligent electronic pollution monitoring instrument. In fact, for centuries, research AEC industry by CONPHIL each major product is completed, and the characteristics ofthese products have become industry standards.

   In the continuous improvement of existing products while, CONPHIL also provide a wide range of products and solutions to meet a variety of environmental treatment applications. According impartial investigation made by the major U.S. magazine industry, compared to other products, CONPHIL and related products more affected Institute, Party, contractors of all ages. The reason is obvious - we see the development of corporate life. My company hasthe world's most advanced processing equipment R & D lab environment as well as many experienced engineers.We have always invested heavily in R & D and manufacturing equipment. CONPHIL create a set of strict production management and quality control system, CONPHIL technical standards and professional production equipment to ensure that each product can be safe and reliable operation.

   CONPHIL is ISO9001 certified factory, environmental treatment equipment is UL1008 certified products, is theworld's first to obtain CE, IEC60947-6-1 and Kema Keur certified environmental treatment equipment, comply withNFPA 20,70,99,110 , IEEE241, 446 and NEMAICS10-1993 (ISC2-447) and other regulatory standards.