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Conphil-Data center particulate and gaseous pollutants Guide

Created on:2012-12-06 03:05

Dust is everywhere. Even taking the best filtering measures , there will still be dust in the data center , the dust will fall on the electronic hardware. Fortunately, most of the dust has a high relative humidity was dissolved in enough water to absorb dust particles become wet and promote corrosion / or ion migration. When the relative humidity is higher than the dust deliquescent relative humidity of the data center , the dust in the dry state , does not cause corrosion or ion migration. However, in rare cases , when the dust deliquescent relative humidity below the relative humidity of the data center , the dust will absorb moisture and cause corrosion and wet and / or ion migration , thereby reducing hardware reliability. A study Comizzoli et al in 1993, showed that around the world , stay in the printed circuit board from the dust caused by the leakage current will improve as the relative humidity and showed exponential growth . The research that we have the following conclusions : the data center to maintain the relative humidity below 60% , which can be caused to stay in the dust leakage current remains within an acceptable level of secondary μA range.
In short , mission critical data center equipment is protected from corrosion and keep the relative humidity below 60% , by limiting the rate of copper corrosion <300 Å / month, silver corrosion rate <200Å / month . Pollution of the data center requires a relative humidity less than 60% moisture can be relaxed , and sulfur-containing gas and a relative humidity of particulate contamination is relatively free of deliquescence .

Recent data centers caused by the sulfur gases hardware failure rates continue to increase, which attributed to creep corrosion on copper printed circuit board and a number of silver corrosion miniature surface mount components - which by some recent theme of this publications emphasized that. This leads us to the need for the original version of the 2009 White Paper on the proposed particulate and gaseous pollutants in addition to the data center temperature and humidity control supplement, dust and gaseous pollutants should also be monitored and controlled. These increased environmental standards is particularly important for industries located in and / or near other pollution data centers.
Data center managers should be duty-bound to monitor and control their data centers in the dust and gaseous pollutants to protect the hardware security. Data centers must be kept clean grade IS014644-1 (ISO1999). This level of cleanliness, can generally be achieved by appropriate filtering solution