In 1945, California established a CONPHIL laboratory , this laboratory has the world's advanced chemical equipment and facilities, some well-known scientists in this work, they main research direction is precise handling corrosive gas environments.

1950 developed the world's first chemical filter out the main adsorption and neutralization of sulfide in the air . The main physical air purifying dust and sulfur , to the working environment of various devices.
With the development of automobile industry


1952 , a sharp increase in cyanide content in the air , but also in developed and cyanide chemical filter.

1955 Human rapid industrial development, air pollution components in more and more , CONPHIL laboratory continuously developed various chemical media .
A significant increase in air pollutants


1960 , the original media can not meet the requirements of the chemical processing environment , CONPHIL developed a higher density , smaller pore size , type of polymer material in the fill . This is a revolutionary research materials on the history of mankind , combined with the world's high-tech chemical equipment, advanced production technology , and micro- molecules in the material used.

1970 CONPHIL chemistry laboratory studies of chemical filter media is not limited to , the system began to study air environment , developed a purification of contaminated equipment, and established the United States PHILL-CONNORS companies.

1985 CONPHIL small scale expansion of research and development has made great development, dozens of existing equipment to meet the requirements of various industries pollution purification , the deteriorating environment in the air today , CONPHIL also constantly develop new products to response to the erosion of various pollutants.

1999 CONPHIL purification equipment perfect for a variety of functions , can display the content of major air pollutants in the air such as air level of pollutants in the air environment real-time monitoring , device control LCD panel , along with 485 communication interface.

2005 CONPHIL has become the industry leader.